Lighthack Box 1 Kit

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€83,19 (Ex. VAT)
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#lighthack box 1 is a kit project for users to assemble from scratch. Each kit contains two encoders, three buttons, a 2x20 display, and an Arduino board.

NOTE: Before purchasing (to understand what you are in for!) please take a look at the ETC Labs GitHub folder which contains an assembly instructions document and parts list. It also contains the Arduino sketch (code to load) and other supporting documentation.

Approximate assembly time: 5 hours.

#lighthack is an educational project designed by ETC users and employees to engage with the DIY community.

#lighthack projects are designed to interact with ETC products, but they are not official ETC hardware or software. If you experience challenges while using, integrating, compiling, or modifying items in this project, we encourage posting on the GitHub issues page or on the #lighthack forum.

#lighthack is a community-supported initiative, and the #lighthacking community is the best place to ask for help!