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Fixture Overview

SolaFrame Studio is a fanless, convection-cooled automated
luminaire that prioritizes high quality features, spectral output
and silence. When you need an automated lighting product that
is audibly invisible and visually impactful, the SolaFrame Studio
is the right choice. With a feature set designed for exquisite
projection control and beautiful color rendering, SolaFrame
Studio can quietly steal the scene.


• Theatres of all sizes
• Concert halls
• Opera houses
• Film and television broadcast studios
• Churches and houses of worship

Product Features

• Bright white LED engine
• 300 W High CRI engine producing 10,000 field lumens
• Color-matched convection-cooled engine for completely
fanless operation.
• High quality 13-lens optic system with patented Lens Defogger
• Extremely powerful 5.5°–57° zoom
• CMY/CTO-Linear color mixing system
• Seven position plus open replaceable Color Wheel
• Full-curtain framing system for total control of beam shaping
• 16-blade iris for extremely tight beam effects
• Light diffusion with additional, optional heavy diffusion
• Seven position plus open Rotating Gobo Wheel
• Linear rotating prism for controlled pattern replication across a stage

SolaFrame Studio (

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