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Please note this is a USED product

  • original roadcase
  • slightly used



High End Systems TurboRay Fixture,

Black in Molded Insert in roadcase

ships in cardboard box with molded insert

2x hanging brackets and True1 to bare ends power lead


Fixture Overview

Offering a classic retro look with its radial diffusers, TurboRay
brings a distinctive appearance to any lighting rig. Used as a
punchy narrow-angle washlight or as a powerful hard edge
beam that produces beautiful aerial and other effects, the fixture
is truly versatile.
TurboRay’s soft edges, homogenized color and smooth intensity
fall off make for a spectacular wash. In the air or projected on a
surface, the animated gobo wheel and other features produce
spectacular textures unseen in any other fixture. With a punchy
zoom, pixel LED control, and both split and saturated colors,
TurboRay provides limitless looks to bring excitement to the


• Live concerts
• Tradeshows
• Festivals
• Industrial shows
• Award shows
• Studios

Product Features

• Additive LED RGBW color mixing system for extremely powerful saturated colors and tunable white control
• Patent pending optical system
• Quadrant control over the fixtures four LED system
• Beautiful radial diffusers with a retro scenic look
• Powerful narrow beam for dramatic aerials
• Smooth and even wash with a punchy three to one zoom range
• Custom animated gobo wheel for dramatic aerial beam texturing
• Color wheel for deeper saturates and beautiful split colors
• Patent pending HazeFree lens coating technology


TurboRay (etcconnect.com)

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